My name's Joshua Hensley, and this is a hub for all of my creative works, In-Game, Out-of-Game, and somewhere in-between.
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I think I look as tired as I feel.

Man, why didn’t anyone tell me it was Spring?

Just because someone’s problem is different than yours doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

I’ve been faking it so long the lies look like stars to me

I wish they were, I wish you were right here with me

I wish the tides would settle on the beaches of my mind

So I could see the light of my stars cast in reverse

Maybe then I could fathom why anyone would do this,

Why anyone would bottle everything neatly inside

When I look in my glass I see not a ship but a message

A desperate call for help, oh if only you were my port

But I look through my glass again and I see only my stars

None of them pointing north but all of them harsh,

Heavier even than the breeze of the ocean,

And in their light I lose my way again.